Superfreakonomics (Harper Collins, 2009, 270 pages, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner)

When a book begins its first chapter titled, “How is a Street Prostitute is like a Department Store Santa” is has to get my attention. The authors of “Freakonomics” continue their

wacky way of looking at the world and what makes it tick. If you liked their previous book, Freakonomics”, you will enjoy this one. Divided into five chapters and an Epilogue (worth the price of the book alone) Steven and Stephen set out to show that cause and effect are not always what they seem to be.

Chapter five is my favorite where the authors discuss the work of a small group of thinkers and tinkerers who among them own over 2000 patents. Their work is dedicated toward finding solutions to the world’s most troublesome problems. These problems include battling malaria, global warming and preventing of hurricanes. Their solutions include the use of laser weapons to a project called “garden hose to the sky” and onto the use of truck tires to block the formation of hurricanes. Of course most of their work is theoretical, but in some cases actual models are developed to support their hypothesis.

The book is very readable and requires no advanced degree, only an open mind. Science fiction readers should find chapter five especially interesting, but there is something here for everyone to ponder. My primary complaint with the book is that the authors are at times verbose and I find myself wishing they’d just get to the point. That aside their conclusions are worth the wait. The book is filled with facts, with end notes and an index. I enjoyed this book thoroughly and highly recommend it for end of summer reading.


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