NC GOP Takes Control of State Legislature

Riding a nationwide wave of voter discontent, state Republican leaders said Tuesday that the party had seized control of the state General Assembly for the first time in more than a century.

Voice of Reason Comment: With the GOP now in control the questions begin to roll out:

Will there be redistricting and what form will it take?

What tax changes, if any can we expect in creating a more business-friendly environment not just to encourage companies to move to NC, but equally important to encourage the growth of all businesses currently in NC, particularly small businesses?

What changes can we expect to control/eliminate public unions (that are bankrupting California and New York) along with all other spending for public services?

Will NC vote to block the requirement under Obamacare for all NC citizens to purchase health care insurance?


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3 Responses to NC GOP Takes Control of State Legislature

  1. They better vote to block Obamacare. We’re already facing a huge shortfall thanks to Jimmy Love and others who couldn’t stop spending!

  2. You can bet the redistricting we do in NC will be (1) Legal; (2) Helpful to conservative candidates in most districts; and (3) Just what we need to paint NC as a ‘Red’ State once and for all. I imagine the census results will help NC gain yet another House seat, and it will be a conservative-leaning district for sure when it is drawn. We just witnesed several ‘squeaker’ elections where some moderate Dems barely won. With the imminent redistricting work, these districts will not be so gerrymandered as to exclude a number of conservative pockets that would tip the scales to Republican candidates in future elections. This will be fun to watch as it develops.


  3. Agree. This what, in many ways, makes state elections much more important than national elections. It should be very interesting to see how the dems are isolated. Canvassing each district will be crucial. Thanks for the comments.

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