A Crusade for Liberty

The most common left-wing objection to the Right is that it wants to control others’ lives. But in America and elsewhere, the threat to personal liberty has emanated far more often from the left.

In the past generation, the Left has controlled so much speech and behavior that these controls are now assumed to be a normal part of life.

Through the use of public opprobrium, laws, and lawsuits, Americans today are less free than at any time since the abolition of slavery (with the obvious exception of blacks under Jim Crow).

Public opprobrium is known as political correctness and it has suppressed saying anything — no matter how true and no matter how innocent — that offends left-wing sensibilities.

“Merry Christmas” offends leftist views on multi-culturalism, so it’s largely gone.



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I am a public policy thinker and amateur historian. My interests are seeking knowledge in all areas of life.
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