Union in Wisconsin Protests While Elected Dems Hide

Is it the cold or the cheese that has gone to heads of the union employees in Wisconsin? What’s with the cowardly state democratic politicians? Despite the cold, apparently its gotten too hot in the state house kitchen for them. They’d rather let the union take on the GOP.

Nearly $4 billion in deficit, almost as bad as NC, and though the union got good deals during flush times, now that the chickens have come home to roost, the democratic lawmakers have skipped out. That’s leadership for you. So much for bipartisanship. Don’t like what the other side is doing – run away!

Imagine expecting state employees to pay for even part of their own retirement and add a bit more to their healthcare insurance. The horror! Meanwhile the country sits at 9% or more unemployment. I would not be surprised to see a flock of new arrivals in Green Bay signing up for teaching jobs. Wisconsin’s teachers should be arrested for child abuse, walking out on classrooms.

You’d think the cheese heads would be glad to keep the gravy going by chipping in a bit, but noooo, they got theirs and unless you’re union in cheese-land you get screwed.

A show downs coming America. Will the unions along with cowardly democrats run the state or the freely elected representatives. The gov ought to fire them all and open up the doors for new hires. What a comedy!


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I am a public policy thinker and amateur historian. My interests are seeking knowledge in all areas of life.
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